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We Canadians are good at handling the cold but that doesn’t mean that we want the interior of our homes or business to be the same temperature as the exterior. The most important way to make sure you are not losing heat in the dead of winter or over exerting your air conditioning in the sweltering summer is to have your home or business properly insulated. However, one place people rarely consider insulting is their garage. This is largely because, until relatively recently, garage doors did not come with proper insulation. Many of the garage doors in the Bolton, ON region have either poor or no insulation which means you are losing money when you don’t have to. A well-insulated garage door even increases the resale value of your property.

Besides the money aspect there is something else to think about in terms of installing an insulated garage door. The space becomes more usable. If you use your garage as a workshop or you want to do some work on your vehicle, it can be tough if it is so cold that you have to wear gloves- it is just not easy to get a firm grip on things. But with a properly insulated garage you can make your garage into more than just a storage space in the winter. Academy Overhead Garage Doors Inc. can help you turn your Bolton, ON garage into a space you can use to its fullest.

We have a full range of overhead garage doors to choose from in both metal and wood depending on the style that will best suit your residence or commercial business. If you are in Bolton, ON or the surrounding area make sure to call Academy Overhead Garage Doors Inc. for any of your garage door needs- you won’t be disappointed.

Garage Doors Openers

There are many options when it comes to garage door openers for your Bolton, ON residence or commercial business. The question to ask yourself is, ‘what am I looking for?’ Academy Overhead Garage Doors Inc. can install any make or model of garage door openers. However, we do specialize in LiftMaster and Chamberlain garage door openers as these are two companies that we have come to trust for the superior quality of their products.

Here is a brief description of some of the different features garage door openers come with to help our Bolton, ON clients choose which system is best for them.

Types of Openers

  • Chain Drive: Chain drives excel in terms of power. These openers are excellent for industrial applications but are also made for the residential use. There is safety in power.
  • Belt Drive: Belt drives are sought after for their exceptional quietness. The belt, as opposed to chain, creates less friction and noise while also being housed in a special Motor Vibration Isolation System (MVIS®).
  • Screw Drive: These openers are made to work in any weather condition. Build using galvanized steel railing this system gets the job done-every time.
  • Jackshaft Garage Door Opener: For those wishing to keep their ceiling space this opener is wall mounted next to the garage door for space saving efficiency.

Additional Features

  • Smart phone compatible: Have the remote control for your garage door integrated with your smartphone for added convenience.
  • Battery backup: In the event that the power goes out your garage door will still open like a charm. This added safety feature is essential for doors that are too heavy to open manually.
  • The Protector System®: An invisible beam scans the entrance, automatically reversing the closing door if the beam is interrupted.
  • PosiLock®: This patented system makes sure that when the door is closed, it stays locked.

These types and features can be arranged for residential, commercial or industrial application depending on your needs and wishes.

Academy Overhead Garage Doors Inc. will be more than happy to discuss the different options available to perfectly fit your needs and budget. Call or email us to get your new Bolton, ON garage door opener today!